About Cluj's Software Development Ecosystem

Cluj-Napoca is reknown for its software development ecosystem.

  • Developers

    It is estimated that Cluj has more than 10 000 software developers and it's attracting people from other cities or from other industries, willing to work in IT.

  • Companies

    There are more than 200 hundred of IT companies varrying from 5 to 1000 employees. Combined all these companies have generate more than 150 million euro in revenue per year.

  • Industries

    Many project were developed here in various industries like banking, automotive, e-commerce, retail, transportation, infrastructure, e-health, mostly for clients based in US or Western Europe.

  • Technologies

    Any framework or programming language you might want, you'll probably find in Cluj, for example: Java, Objective-C, Swift, C++, .NET, Python, Ruby, PHP, Front-end and Javascript, COBOL, embedded programming and many others.

How can we help you

We will assist you in find the right software development partner, according to your needs and requirements.


We'll communicate in order to understand better your technology needs and business requirements.


Based on the initial assessment, we'll make a list of possible companies that will fit your needs.


We will connect you with these companies for an initial discussion and potential matching.


On demand, we can also organize a 2-day tour and arrange meetings with certain companies.

Achievements so far

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